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Updated November 7, 2017
Quick Info
The Vancouver Mycological Society, based in Vancouver Canada, is a club devoted to the study of mushrooms and fungi.
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Regular Meetings
Held the 2nd Tuesday of every month
except January, July, & August
in the Floral Hall of
Van Dusen Botanical Garden
at 37th & Oak in Vancouver

Tue Nov 14   7:30 pm
Presentation: Visiting mycologist
Roo Vandegrift on
"Xylaria & the Ecuadorian Cloud forest:
  ecology, biodiversity, & the threat of
  mineral extraction"

Tue Dec 12   7:30 pm
An evening of short mushroom films by David Fenster.

Please return library books.
And don't forget the display table --
  even frozen mushrooms have their
  charm. :-)

Recent News

The BC government's Tech. Rept. 104 titled "Polypores of British Columbia",
written by former curator of the National Herbarium in Ottawa, Dr. Jim Ginns, was released in January and the PDF version is available FOR FREE here.

No further VMS events planned for this season, but check out the foray ⇒⇒⇒

These forays are NOT for food
but rather for education about fungi.
Collection is prohibited in parks.

Pacific Spirit Park
Sat Nov 11 11:00 am – 2:00? pm

Exploring the Park with Roo Vandergrift
to see what fungi might still be about.
Roo's specialty is carbonaceous fungi,
& they're tough enough to stand the cold.

Meet at the trailhead at
16th Ave. & Discovery St.

Miscellaneous Links
Mushroom Poisoning:

If you suspect a mushroom poisoning, contact a physician, your local hospital, or the Drug and Poison Information Center (604-682-5050 or 1-800-567-8911) at the BC Center for Disease Control.

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