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General Mycology Canadian content on mycology
The Hidden Forest From New Zealand, beautiful with good breakdown & photos
fun facts about fungi great places for children young and old!
MycoWeb articles, photos, recipes from San Francisco
MushWorld South Korean non-profit devoted to poverty reduction in world through mushrooms; all around site, articles, images, stamps, bulletin board, with emphasis on cultivation
Tom Volk's Fungi from the U of Wisconsin
Mycology Resources the WWW Virtual Library
tree of life web project follow to fungi section
Mycology from Julian H. Miller Herbarium, nice sections of mushroom stamps and art
fungifest a dedicated site for mushroom fanatics, with recipes, articles and info about all kinds of upcoming events
Natural Selection - BIOME the ultimate collection of fungal links - how to find sites about ant-fungi interaction, the polypores of Sweden or fungal biodiversity
Natural Perspective - the Fungal Kingdom 10 pages on fungi within overview of Natural World
The Microbial World - the Fungal Web 23 Profiles on fungi and fungus-like organisms. It provides an introduction to fungi and fungal activities. From the U of Edinburgh.
Pacific Rim Mushrooms We supply the world with great tasting wild mushrooms and other forest products from the beautiful west coast of Canada and the United States
Forest Mycology Team site for understanding of the biological and functional diversity of forest fungi and to develop and apply information gained in an ecosystem context to conserve the fungal resource and sustain the health and productivity of forest ecosystems from Pacific NW Research - USDA Forest Service
Noteworthy sites
fungi perfecti Paul Stamets's great company, with loads of innovation, information, supplies, medicines and more
the fifth kingdom Bryce Kendrick's detailed view; a supplement to his award winning book of the same name
fungi photo Taylor Lockwood's photography is sincerely beautiful
mycorrhizae Mike Amaranthus's company will help you improve your garden, with a little help from our fungal friends
Online Courses
Magical Mushrooms and Mischievous Molds course from George Hudler's book
Introductory Mycology from Oregon State University
Evergreen State College Mushrooms by Michael Beug
Fungal Symbiosis from George Wong's course at the U of Hawaii
Interactions of Plants and Fungi: Evolution from Botany Online

Centers and collections
fungal genetics stock center a resource available to the Fungal Genetics research community and to educational and research organizations
US National Fungal Collection articles, history, images, anf the future of research
INVAM International Culture Collection of (Vesicular) Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi from West Virginia university

Sites to assist identification
mushroom expert over 300 North American mushrooms, also has articles aims to assist you to identify mushrooms
MycoKey the most in depth taxonomic resource

Taxonomic Grouping & Nomenclature
Index Fungorum taxonomy & synonyms for almost all known fungi
MycoBank taxonomy & synonyms for almost all known fungi (more complete for North American species)

Medical myco information
Mycology OnLine from Australia (the Univ. of Adelaide): looks at human fungal infections, mycoses and medical mycology
ASM Medical Mycology American Society of Microbiologists
clinical mycology on-line a resource for mycologists working in clinical setting
doctor fungus dedicated to information about fungal infections, includes videos
British Society for Medical Mycology  
Center for Medical Mycology "from test-tube to the patient"
Aspergillis web site an extensive reference database on Aspergillosis

Fungi Health

Fungi Health from Mission BC
Pictures and images
fungi images on the net  
Fungi photo the gorgeous shots from Taylor Lockwood
George Barron's Website on Fungi includes "special of the month," from U. of Guelph
Nathan's Fungi Page  
World of Mushrooms good breakdown with photos

Sites devoted to specific types and species
Agaricales (Hawaii) Lichens Spongospora
Morels Yeasts Trichomycete
Shitake Moulds Chytrids
Reishi Slime moulds Freshwater Ascomycetes
Matsutakes White Rot Fungi Pezizales
Truffles Clavicipitaceae Plasmodiophorids
Coprinus Endophytes Xylariaceae
Chanterelles Armillaria Anaerobic Zoospores
Cortinarius Hypomyces Zoospores

Specific interest fungus farming ants slime molds and mazes
threatened fungi fungal dyes world's largest organism
mushroomers online space fungus  

James Arthur Santa Claus and the Amanita Muscaria The Vaults of Erowid
blue honey True Meaning of Christmas MAPS
How we Got Christmas Mushrooms and Snails visionary mushrooms

Mycological associations
NAMA - North American Mycological Assoc. North American Truffling Society The Mushroom Council
Mycological Society of America American Bryological and Lichenological Society American Mushroom Institute
The Truffle Association of BC (TABC) bc mushrooms  
Canadian Myco clubs
Mycological Society of Toronto Alberta Mycological Society Southern Interior Mycological Society (BC)
Le Cercle de Mycologues de Montreal South Vancouver Island Mycological Society  
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